Monster Developing Ultra-Thin HDMI Cable

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Monster Cable has teamed up with silicon chip developer Redmere to develop ultra-thin HDMI cable that deliver a 10.2 GB/s data rate.


The idea is to make it easier to deal with a mass of cables, but we all know that anything from Monster is going to carry a hefty price tag. Details have not been announced, but would thinner cable be worth what will surely be a hefty markup over regular HDMI? [Redmere via Electronic House via CrunchGear]


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For those of you who don't understand what is going on, it's an ultra thin 1.3 (2560×1600) spec HDMI cable. Not the 1.0-1.2a (1920×1200) cables you see now days available in thin format.

While I agree that most Monster cable is heavily overpriced with no real cost benefit, in this case it seems they're developing an actual real high-end product for people to use.

But of course, most of you people probably think that HDMI is HDMI, and that there's no difference in cable specs or what the cable is capable of supporting. Right?