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Mooch Power From Another Smartphone With This Tiny Charging Cable

It's not uncommon to bum a smoke, a ride, or a piece of gum from a friend, but if a new Indiegogo campaign is successful, you might soon be able to bum a little bit of power for your phone as well. The Juicer is a simple double-headed microUSB cable that lets you transfer power from one tablet or smartphone directly to another.

Illustration for article titled Mooch Power From Another Smartphone With This Tiny Charging Cable

Using the Juicer is as simple as plugging the end with the green dot into the device you want to steal power from, and the other end into a device that desperately needs it. It's like an electronic version of Robin Hood, stealing from the power rich and giving to the power needy.


The Juicer's creators are hoping to raise $65,000 via Indiegogo to help finalize the design of the product and put it into production. And with a donation of just $10 you can preorder one of the first units when they're available—if everything goes smoothly—this August. But even if it takes a little longer for the Juicer to go from the prototype stage to a final product, it might be worth the wait. Especially for someone who carries both a smartphone and a tablet all day, which has more than enough power to spare. [Indiegogo - Juicer via Taxi]

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From the description it sounds like shorting one pin, 1 or 2 resistors, and a LED. I expect these will be mooched by a Chinese company and for sale on Amazon for $5 soon.