Moog LEV-96: Forget Synths, Moog Is Making a Batshit Acoustic Guitar or Something

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Moog just showed the world a prototype of a component that could be used to make the world's next wonder instrument. Here we see LEV-96 "sensoriactuator" concept installed on a acoustic guitar. Now what the hell does it do?

Images and a description of the LEV-96 cropped up on Moog's site in advance of the North Carolina company's annual Moogfest. The LEV-96 is still currently in beta testing, and Moog hasn't posted any samples of what it sounds like. According to the company's description, the semiactuator component "activates and controls naturally occurring harmonics and resonant frequencies on any medium." In this demo, the medium is the guitar strings. Check out the madness going on under the hood:

LEV-96 places 2 pickup channels under each string. A pickup channel is capable of controlling any combination of 8 harmonics within each string simultaneously. A totalof 96 individual control systems hadnling up to 96 harmonics can be achieved at any time. This unique system is managed by a powerful processor that takes artist input via the touchpads, while continuously evaluating each string's harmonic content and vibrational behavior.


So what, you strum this thing? Or play it with touchpads? What are Moog's real plans for this little piece of hardware? No matter what it is, we can't wait. [Moog via Engadget]