More Information on Apple's Plan to Kill Cable, Launch Tablet

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The WSJ already said most of this stuff yesterday, but the Financial Times has a few more tidbits on the situation that seems interesting—namely, Apple's relationship with network giants, and a plan to launch the fabled tablet soon.


The relevant passage from the FT:

Apple has contacted other broadcast and cable networks, including Time Warner's Turner Broadcasting System and Viacom, which have so far been unconvinced by Apple's proposal. The computer maker has also courted the book publishing industry, sector executives say.

Cooperation with Time Warner and Viacom would be essential if Apple wants to get this cable replacement off the ground—they own a plurality of basic cable channels between them. As far as the tablet is concerned:

Apple is preparing an announcement next month that many anticipate will be the official unveiling of its tablet, but the company has so far declined to confirm the existence of the device. Wall Street analysts expect mass production of an Apple tablet to begin as early as February.

That's some serious confidence right there, but it lines up with what we heard yesterday. This is all speculation at this juncture, but the WSJ and FT are big dogs who can (for the most part) be trusted; we'll have to see whether 2010 really is the year of the tablet. [Financial Times]



iTunes distribution system has clearly been a phenomenal success from several perspectives. This was in part from capturing music industry distribution channels that were running scared from file sharing. Cable companies may be headed toward a future of streaming video over data channels, but I don't know if the leverage is anywhere near the same with them as with the music industry. Hulu and Netflix have their ways to make money through subscription and advertising and cable companies are also broadband providers. They are in no way at risk of being completely cut out of the picture.

I don't know about newspapers and magazines. I still like them. They have a several fold advantage!