Ryan at Engadget says they've been chatting up one of the divinely chosen to lay eyes on the second-gen iPhone, and they're claiming a couple details we haven't heard before, as well as the by-now familiar: 3G and real GPS—expected, and hoped for. Metal backing out, glossy black is in, with chrome volume buttons, which should help with signal issues. It's also a little fatter (probably cause of GPS and battery, which still isn't removable) but you can toss your stupid headphone adapter. The screen is the same size and res (we'd heard they were trying to move to plastic, but doesn't seem to be the case). He's guessing it could ship in July. Update: To be clear, neither us nor Engadget were claiming that this is an actual pic, just illustrative (besides, it's a few weeks old, see the in-body link). [Engadget]


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