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More New Game Of Thrones Season 5 Characters Reveal A Major Twist

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

SPOILERS AHEAD, PEOPLE. A few new rumored names have been added to the Game of Thrones fifth season character list, and if true, they reveal something very unusual will be happening on the show next year.

The new characters and their descriptions come from Winter Is Coming, of course. Here they are:

Varamyr: Dubbed Varamyr Sixskins in the book series, the wildling skinchanger initially appears in A Storm of Swords when he takes possession of the late Orell's eagle, and takes on his scout role as well with Mance Rayder's army. The book describes Varamyr as a small man, bald and grey-faced with round shoulders. The show is supposedly looking to cast an actor in the 35-45 year old age range. It's unclear what position Varamyr will take on in the fifth season as his introduction point in the books has already passed in the show.

Imogen: A 12 year old blonde girl. It's speculated that this may actually be the casting call for young Cersei. Given that there is no Imogen in the books, and we've heard that Game of Thrones is auditioning girls for the role of young Cersei, this seems likely.

Brunette girl: 12 years old. There's no additional information about this part. For book-related possibilities, our best guess with regards to the role is probably Melara, a girl involved in young Cersei's story with the fortuneteller Maggy the Frog.


Book readers know that as Maggy the Frog laid a prophecy smackdown on young Cersei, a prophecy which doesn't end with Cersei having a pizza party, if you get my meaning. But what's important is that if GoT is casting a young Cersei, it means we're going to get Game of Thrones' first real flashback.

Which raises a ton of questions! Is this the only one? Might there be more? Could we possibly see some of the events that lead to Robert's Rebellion at some point on the show? Also, is this a straight-up flashback, or a vision Bran might see through one of the weirwood trees? I feel like just throwing a flashback into the episode would be jarring, even for a show about magic and dragons — I would guess that Bran's powers are the way the show will give us looks at pre-Game of Thrones events. But it's weird that he'd be seeing Cersei's past, right? Whatever, I'm already excited for season 5.