An update on that Nokia RX-5 tablet prototype we showed you earlier this month. Mobile-Review says it's called the N900, and should replace the N97. And while we knew it would run Linux/Maemo 5, we now have screenshots!


It looks the N900 will have a different slide-out keyboard mechanism to the N97, but it should have the same 5Mp Carl Zeiss camera as the N97. Mobile-Review mentions a MicroSD card slot and TV-out support, but you'll need to refer to our earlier Indonesian leak for more possible specs.

As for Maemo 5, it's clear that the upcoming version of Nokia's Tablet OS has a few visual improvements.

Due to variety of visual effects, smooth transitions and decent reaction time of the touch screen (which is a significant improvement over the Nokia N97), the N900 feels more like the Apple iPhone. At the same time its UI looks nothing like that of the iPhone - it's just different, but eye-candy nonetheless (maybe somewhat similar to HTC's products).


[Mobile-Review via Engadget]


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