It's sort of a big deal that Apple sued Think Secret, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the question as to whether a blog or 'non-major website' has the same rights to protect sources that any other publishing outlet does. There have been various meditations on this over the last couple of days, including this Daring Fireball piece that questions if Apple's strategy could simply be to expose the leakers themselves, as well as thoughts from Bob Kohn about why Think Secret may not be liable at all and the possibility that Apple's suit could backfire, actually causing more leaks.


Our take is pretty simple: fuck 'em all—every last company. There's absolutely no reason for a website to pull product leaks just because a company threatens them—in fact, that means you're probably sitting on a good story. I've done it a total of one time, for Creative, and got so burned I learned my lesson. If anyone wants a place to post career-jeopardizing information, we've got no problem running it (and neither should anyone else, I'm saying). We haven't even been sued yet, which is sort of sad if you think about it.

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