You heard about it this morning, but here's some more detailed info on the PS3 firmware update, version 1.3.


-Support for a Bluetooth remote control for media playback
-Bluray and DVD res selection over HDMI (wait, it didn't do that from the start? WTF.)
-Backup utility for saving media to "storage media" (Does this mean backups? A way to introduce hacks?)
-USB support for PS2 peripherals like wheels, joysticks, etc. (Is there a PS2 joystick to USB connector I don't know about?)

The entire release, minus ignorant and snide commentary, here:

In addition to offering developers the ability to create more immersive games, the Blu-ray format delivers the ultimate in high-definition video through the highest resolution available today (1080p). Now PS3 owners can register a remote control for easier playback of movies on BD discs. The Bluetooth®-enabled remote control will be available at retail later this month for $24.99. Also, to suit your TV's specification, you can now select the video output format (automatic, RGB, or Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr) for Blu-ray disc playback using an HDMI cable.


· Selecting video output resolution has changed, allowing you to choose all the resolutions supported by the TV. The video will automatically be displayed at the maximum resolution possible, according to the following order: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, Standard (NTSC).

· Backup utility has been added as a feature under System Settings, enabling you to back up your PS3's hard disk data to storage media or restore data from storage media to the hard disk.

· USB peripherals designed for PlayStation®2 titles, including steering wheels and flight sticks, can now be used when playing PlayStation 2 games on the PS3 system.