More Power, Extra Quiet

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If you've got yourself an Intel or AMD PC running on dual-card SLI/Crossfire setups powered by dual-core CPUs, you've probably had it with the extra heat and noise these things can generate. Welcome MGE XG Magnum, a high-end power supply that promises to dissipate heat using a huge heat pipe system with copper radiator instead of the big old fan we're used to. You'll also get a 600-Watt output and a completely silent dB in an .8-inch thick anodized aluminium chassis. An LCD displays temperature, wattage, and all three voltage lines, and a modular cable system gives each cable its own jack at the power supply and keeps things nice and tidy. Not amazingly new but it looks like it can beat up your grandma.

MGE Completely Silent 600-Watt PSU [Bios Magazine]


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