More Sources Claim That Windows Mobile 7 Will Be Shown Off Next Month, Launch By End of Year

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Windows Mobile 7 will most definitely, positively, absolutely be shown off next month at Mobile World Congress, sez CNET. And Digitimes. Despite more conflicting stories than a Brangelina love-saga, I believe there'll be solid news next month for WinMo fans.


It wasn't going to launch until next year, then the end of this year, and then as soon as next month, but with this latest rumor comes some believable news: Microsoft is still working on the code for WinMo 7, and while it won't be completed until the end of summer, it should be included on end-of-the-year hardware.

Nonetheless, we're expecting to see some demos of the latest phone OS next month, and heaven forbid if it's hexagonal screengrabs. [CNET via Electronista]