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Moritz Waldemeyer's Home Disco is Best iPod Dock Ever

Illustration for article titled Moritz Waldemeyers Home Disco is Best iPod Dock Ever

Now this is what I call an iPod dock. Behind it, crazy guy Moritz Waldemeyer, the guy behind OK Go's LED suits for their tours a couple of years back. What is it, chaps? A smoky, light-y Home Disco!


Waldemeyer was commissioned by swank UK design-porn magazine Wallpaper to come up with a Home Disco. Doubling up as a coffee table, the HD (my kinda HD, forget all that 1080p bollocks) has a "Haze Machine" - what non-dry ice smokers would probably call a bong - which will certainly fire up the party when Great Auntie Ethel comes to stay. This is so on my list of 2010 Chrizzle presents. [We Heart]


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This is a hack away from a game of 3D Tempest.