I thought some "readers" were joking when they claimed they believed the Onion's story on a conspiracy theorist finally convincing Neil Armstrong about how the Moon landings were faked. They weren't. Like these two newspapers, who reprinted it as fact.


Not one—The New Nation, a newspaper from Bangladesh—but two—the Daily Manab Zamin, who ran the story in Bengali—published the whole story quoting the "Onion News Network, Lebanon, Ohio." They reprinted the whole thing, starting with the headline: Conspiracy Theorist Convinces Armstrong Moon Landing Was Faked.

Their excuse: "We thought it was true so we printed it without checking."

Frankly, I understand them. After all, if it is in in the internet, it must be real.

What is even more worrying is that there are a couple of Gizmodo readers—now banned—who actually believed the whole thing when we published it as a joke, and then used it as an argument in the story of Chandrayaan-1's image on the Apollo 15 landing site. [Wired UK]


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