Morpho DJ Is the DJ App You Wouldn't Expect

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There are already plenty of apps that mimic old-school turntablism, but Morpho DJ is an app that lets you mix tracks with your iPhone or iPod touch while keeping the analog turntables at your fingertips. Very cool.


Developed at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Nick Bryan and Ge Wang took a now-familiar concept and spun it into something novel. The way the apps works is you mount your iDevice onto the platter of your turntable, fire up the apps, and start scratching. The program reads the audio track you're mixing while also receiving accelerometer and gyro data from the iDevice to give really precise control of the music. It even show the waveform data on your iPhone or iPod so you can cue your mix up to the beat your need.

The two developers will be presenting the program at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference in Norway late this month, after which the plan to release it to the rest of us. [DVICE]

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First off, what the hell was wrong with timecoded vinyl?

Second off, this isn't any better. Taking accelerometer data (which isn't the most accurate thing in the world by the way) over a wireless network, then beaming back a waveform to the device, all while trying to play a song from 2 separate iDevices would have to be Lag City.

Third off, scratching is serious business. The feel of the records is way important, or else we wouldn't be spending tons of money and time trying to emulate it, we'd just have found something better by now. That said, the last thing in the world I want is to add a 4oz weight to one side of my platter and then expect it to react in the same way a normal record would. Wow and flutter anybody?

It's a neat concept, but it won't sell any apps because people who already have the gear know better, and people who don't can't use the app anyway.