MØ's Infectious Electropop Is the Perfect Backyard Barbecue Backdrop

Copenhagen-based singer MØ (real name: Karen Marie Ørsted) was described to me as the Danish Lady Gaga by my Danish friends, who saw her last week at the Roskilde Festival. I think she's closer to the Danish Grimes, though there's no need to compare her to anyone: MØ's splashy, bombastic electro-pop isn't only good relative to her contemporaries. It's just good, and it's exactly what I want to hear this weekend while I'm eating watermelon and drinking several shandies at a backyard event that involves grilling meat.

Here are a few of her standout tracks. "XXX 88" is a Diplo-produced banger:

The attendees at Roskilde were apparently very jazzed about this one, which is dance-y and anthemic:

"But wait," you say. "I only want to listen to northern European pop chanteuses who can slay a Spice Girls cover." Well, you're in luck!

MØ's first studio album, No Mythologies To Follow, was released last March. It is good and you should listen to it!


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