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Grimes has a new song, "Go" featuring Blood Diamonds. It is different than her other songs because it was supposed to be a Rihanna song, but Rihanna turned it down (for what?).


Remember when Britney Spears' label rejected "Umbrella" and then Rihanna took it and owned "Umbrella?" Well now the master has become the dumb student or something, because this is a good song.


Grimes is repping the "fairy rave" genre admirably here. I am 98% against songs that sound like Skrillex was definitely involved, which this song does. It wins my heart anyways, because it makes me feel like I am drinking an energy drink on top of a glittery cloud with eight of my closest friends. A glittery cloud that transforms into a hybrid SUV to safely transport us to a ~party~.

You can download the single from Grimes' website.

I am so sick of "Fancy" I could scream, and thus offer this new jam humbly to the Song Of Summer Gods, asking that they kindly consider a less irritating pop track.

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