Mossberg Likes the MacBook

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Like us over here at Macmodo, Mossberg loves him some Macs. We believe that his experience covering international affairs has turned him into a Machead, much like jobs at Applebee's and too much acid in college turns some folks into Burning Man fans. We believe the complexity of continental inter-relations has fried his brain and he now depends on the bright shiny icons of Tiger to get him through the long day into the waiting arms of the night and the sweet oblivion of dreams. Or maybe he likes the cool design.

In one Apple ad endorsement-ready paragraph, he says:

There's a lot to like about the MacBook. It's a very good choice for anyone considering a Mac and operating on a tight budget. Like the other Intel-based Macs, it can even run Windows alongside Apple's own Mac OS X operating system. But it is missing some key features that are standard on Windows-based laptops, and it is heavy compared with its closest Windows competitor.


Mossy points out there are no flash card slots on the MacBook, which is quite a valid point. Otherwise, it's amazing—just a few magical words from Mossberg can cause thousands of brokers' wives in Connecticut to send their assistants to the Apple store to get a new computer so they can "get organized."

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