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Motion-Activated Electric Screwdriver Anticipates Your Movements Before You Make Them

The screwdriver is maybe the last thing in the world that needs a reboot, but the new Black & Decker Max Gyro is the kind of non-essential evolution we can get behind. The little 4-volt handheld tool mimics improves upon the function of ye olde analog screwdriver with a built-in gyroscope that anticipates your movements. Turn your hand clockwise and the bit drives, turn your hand counter-clockwise and the bit goes in reverse. Superfluous? Maybe, but it should take the strain off your trigger finger if you've got a long job to do. The Black & Decker Max Gyro will be available in November for 40 bucks. [Black & Decker via Engadget]


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That's a pretty cool toy actually.

Using it for real work would probably be annoying as hell, but a cool toy nonetheless.