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Motorola Confirms They Are Working On a Google Phone

Illustration for article titled Motorola Confirms They Are Working On a Google Phone

A few weeks ago we heard rumors that the Motorola Shadow could earn the distinction of Nexus Two. Today Motorola confirmed that they are working with Google on a new phone to be sold directly to consumers.


There's no telling if the Droidesque Shadow is the device in question, or if Motorola's will even be Google's next flagship device, but during an earnings call today Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha confirmed that the company is working on a "direct to consumer device with Google."


Jha didn't offer any details on the forthcoming phone, but his statement serves as confirmation of two things: Google's Nexus One wasn't a one-off experiment and Motorola is involved in one of its successors. [Electronista]

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As it is, the Droid looks way better (to me) than the Nexus One, though that NO display is gorgeous. I'm sure whatever they come out with won't look like an accessory out of that Lost In Space movie.