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I think we're going to take a page from BengalBoy and run our own cheesecake reviews of stuff. I can imagine it now—Intern Travis or Kangol Charlie in a bed, Speedo straining, and a ThunderDock glistening in their hands. What? No, come back. It won't happen. Sorry.

Anyway, here we see the H5 in the wild. While the review is comparatively thorough, anything that includes the phrase "Celestrelle's ears are super-tiny, guys!!" might not quite be following all the due diligence we geeks need in a review. Otherwise, there are some pretty ladies in there, which is nice.


BengalBoy Tests the Motorola H5 BlueTooth "Ear Canal Vibrations" Headset!! Bengal Baby, Will it Fit? [BengalBoy]

After the jump - Should Kangol Charlie Show His Junk?


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