Motorola to Ship ROKR E6 Sans iTunes: Stepping Aside for the iPhone?

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Motorola announced it will ship its ROKR E6 music phone later this month but conspicuously absent from its feature list is iTunes. That'll be replaced by the loathsome RealPlayer. Doing damage control on a phone that was doomed from the start, Motorola is positioning this candy bar as a PDA.

When we saw the E6 passing through the FCC in October, we thought it might have iTunes on board, but now it sounds like Motorola's getting out of the way of something. What could that be? Oh, yeah, perhaps the iTunes contract has expired just in time for Apple's upcoming iPhone. Looks like cannon fodder for the looming Apple juggernaut.


Nevertheless, we're liking the way this E6 has a 3.5mm headphone jack instead of that oddball size of the Motorola Q's phone jack which won't let you use regular earbuds. Also along for the ride are a 2-megapixel camera and a relatively large 2.4-inch display. It also has an FM radio and an SD card slot for up to two gigs of storage.

Overall, it's similar to its predecessor, with the advantage of running Linux underneath but still making us wonder why it exists at all. No price was announced, but it'd better be cheap or it will again be DOA.

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