Motorola Xoom User's Guide Teasingly Lacks Any Mention of Locked-Down Wifi

Illustration for article titled Motorola Xoom Users Guide Teasingly Lacks Any Mention of Locked-Down Wifi

A leaked series of documents, purportedly some kind of instructions for the users of the upcoming Motorola Xoom—which I will call a user's guide—is entirely unremarkable save for the information it doesn't contain.


Mainly, the Xoom user's guide doesn't mention the locked down wifi that's quickly become an Achilles Heel for this well-received Android tablet.

To activate WiFi functionality on this device, a minimum of one month data subscription is required.


Well, that and the $800 price tag. But, hey, this user's manual business doesn't mention that gross wifi business at all! [Droid Life via BGR]

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It was quite obvious that this wasn't the case when the prices came out. I mean, if the "WiFi" version required a 3G data plan, that would mean that it had a 3G modem, which would mean you could just buy the "WiFi" model and save $200.