Motorola's MOTOFONE

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The Motorola PR guys are working overtime today announcing yet another phone. The MOTOFONE is a slim, 9mm-thick phone that looks like the SLVR but thinner. Its display uses Electrophoretic Display (EPD) technology to make the screen more visible in sunlight.

Motorola also says there's a redesigned UI that's based more on icons than text, which is good, because we never liked Motorola's UI anyhow. Other than these slim details, the only other thing announced in the press release is that prepaid customers will get an update of how many minutes/messages are left after they make a call or send a message. The phone will be available sometime in the latter half of '06.

Press Release [Yahoo News via MotoRAZR]

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motorola and nokia both have really bad UI. hard to read half the time. settings is seemingly random places. look like they were "designed" by late-90s era 14 year old "theme" makers. SE is slightly better but not really.

based on my experience with non-smartphone OS/UI ... i think it's little wonder why people are clamoring for a real-life Apple designed phone.