Mount Kimbie: Before I Move Off

Today's soundtrack is Mount Kimbie's Live Daytrotter Session. If you're unfamiliar with Daytrotter and/or Mount Kimbie, you'll love both!

Daytrotter is a music site that brings in a never ending parade of quality musicians, records a live session, and posts it for all of us to listen to. Mount Kimbie are two UK electronic wunderkinds who take elements of so many different electronic sub-genres and re-assemble them into dark, emotive tracks full of moody guitar loops, field-sampled noises and spacey synths.


I loved their debut album, Crooks and Lovers, when it came out last year. You can listen to it in the day, at night, while you work, etc. These live sessions show how they can take the nuanced, headphone-friendly sound of the album and turn it into a complete and utter mindfuck, full of reverbs and glitches and radness. It's especially evident with "Before I Move Off." Watch the video for the album version above, then listen to the live version over at Daytrotter.

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