Mounting a GoPro to a Flying Arrow Is Obviously a Brilliant Idea

As YouTube’s Sam and Niko discovered, mounting a small action camera, like a GoPro Hero5 Session, to an arrow isn’t terribly difficult. The hard part is finding a way to stabilize the spinning footage it captures so that you end up with these hypnotic first-person views of an arrow in flight.


It’s doubtful a TV series like Game of Thrones is going to start using the arrow cam anytime soon, but thanks to this experiment there’s now yet another place you can mount a GoPro.

[YouTube via Laughing Squid]


͠ ͠G̸̼̹̩̳͕LÌ͖̦̯̳T̡͉C̞̦̜H̟͔͢!͉͇!͍̩!̢͇̥!̥̪̫̭̣̹!̘̣̺͇͇̪̟!̯̰̱̦͈

I made it to the 5:40 mark before throwing my computer through the window. How about you guys, liked this video?