Movie Theaters Should Be Like This

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I love this movie theater layout. It would be my favorite theater ever. Wait, no. My favorite movie theater would have seats that would open into a pit full of hungry Great White sharks in the case people talked out loud, texted or ate making annoying noises.


Ooooooh yes, indeed.

And then show footage of the sharks eating the people at the end of the movie. A friendly reminder!


Anyway, check out the complete cartoon at the [Oatmeal]

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I absolutely LOATHE people who talk at the movie theatre. Especially when you're at the dollar theatre people think that because they didn't put down a lot of cash to see a movie that it means they can talk and be a bunch of fuck-knuckles during the film.

I watched "Cabin in the Woods" at the dollar theatre recently (fantastic movie!) and these two teenage chicks in the row behind me talked during the entire thing. Loudly. Five minutes into the movie I told them to stop talking, please and thank you. They called me a fucking asshole and continued to talk. Thankfully as the movie got more intense they quieted down, but they were absolutely miserable otherwise.

At least they'll get sent to the special hell.