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Mr. Bump Is an Alarm Clock You Love to Hate

Illustration for article titled Mr. Bump Is an Alarm Clock You Love to Hate

Ahh, alarm clocks. They are modern-day torture devices designed to interrupt a peaceful slumber. Some make it difficult like Tocky which runs away when it goes off. Others like the classic Mr. Bump help you vent your frustration at having to get up so early.


Mr Bump is a ball-shaped clock that you throw at the wall to turn off. He sits in his stand by your bedside, waiting to be tossed across the room. Just be careful with your early morning throws, ok. You don't want to scare your wife or tick off your neighbors.

And for those that are wondering about the familiarity of the clock, Mr Bump is a character from Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men series of children's books. [TruffleShuffle via RedFerret]


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I had one of these when i was about 10, although it was a softball, looked the same though. That was 24 years ago; shit I feel old now