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We've talked about the pet cellphone before. But here's a new way to make sure you'll be able to find your dog when he takes off after that poodle he's been checking out. The new GPS PRO dog collar can be used on any animal (where is that damn gerbil?) to track it anywhere it may have run or hidden. Using a GPS receiver, GSM modem and special software incorporated into the collar, you simply call the phone number of your specific collar and you'll get an immediate SMS message back with the exact coordinates of your pet. (Hi, gerbil here—I'm in your rectum!) Of course, if Fido decides to run off to an area that isn't covered by GSM, you're shit out of luck. Also comes in a GPS PRO backpack for pets that might need a harness rather than a leash.


Dog tracking collars? GPS GSM dog tracking collars? Track & find your dog with your mobile phone: just call the dog!

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