MSI Wind Given 4.5 Out of Five By Laptop Magazine

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"Good computing punch and excessive endurance" is Laptop magazine's verdict of the MSI Wind. The 500-buck UMPC was put through its paces by the team, who put together a bunch of pros and cons.


Among the UMPC's favorable features were its relatively big 10-inch screen, a fast boot time and a long battery life—over five hours, in fact. The reviewers also praised its comfortable keyboard and the one-touch TurboDrive CPU overclocking.

And so what, as Dylan fans might say, was blowing in the Wind? Not much—a single-bar mouse button, the below-average wireless throughput, and the limited tech-support hours which weren't toll-free either. This is how Laptop summed the ten-incher up:

If there were a Survivor: The Mini-Notebook series, and each of the ultra-low-cost notebooks were incrementally eliminated, the MSI Wind NB would be the one left standing. Unlike its competitors, the Wind NB offers the complete package, including an adult-size keyboard, a larger 10-inch screen, and a very capable Atom processor. This system's solid performance, stellar 5-plus hours of battery life, and $499 price make it the best all-around mini-notebook to date.

Tempted? [LAPTOP]


But will it play WoW and play it well? (Yes, I know the Eee 700 has been hacked to run it, but not well enough to play it.) Once someone can release a subnote/netbook with at least some decent gaming performance, I'll jump onboard.

I'm not asking for one that plays Crysis at full effects, just something which can play most mainstream games passingly (and WoW can play on just about anything).