MSI Wind Notebook To Come In 8.9 and 10-Inch Flavors

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MSI has dropped some new info on its contender to the Eee-PC throne, the Wind Notebook, which we first peeked at in March. The roughly 2.2 lb UMPC will come with either an 8.9 inch or 10 inch LCD display sporting a 1024 x 600 resolution. MSI says the Wind will feature a 2.5-inch HDD with an 80 GB capacity and have a purported 7 hours of battery life—compare that with the Eee PC's 20GBs and puny two-hour battery.


Other reported specs include a choice of processors ranging from 1.0GHZ to 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM and a Windows XP operating system. The laptop will get a European release in June. Prices are expected to be between $471 - $1100, depending on the options chosen. No word on a US release yet. [Electronista]



@Guizzy: One other thing that's important to a few of us and never seems to get mentioned in specs or reviews is how quiet and cool (literally, I mean) a machine is. I started out looking to replace my desktop because I can't hear the planes landing outside properly with the fan blowing, and the subnotebook offerings took my ear, so to speak, because of their silence (some of them). I think the Eee PC is fanless, but it seems to buzz along nicely, at least with Linux or XP. Will this Wind just be a loud, wet fart? Will it have a fan? Do they need fans if they have HHDs, but not if they have SSDs? I'm confused. Why does no-one ever mention decibels?

I'm grateful for your comment about the typing, Guizzy - I hope the pc900 will be ok for me touch-typing for several hours a day - or did you just mean they're ok for prodding in a haphazard fashion by people who haven't learned how to use a QWERTY keyboard properly? (ducks)