Much Better Than Sausage: How a USB Stick Is Made

With the USB stick pretty much anywhere and everywhere these days, it's easy to forget that there is an interesting (and automated) manufacturing process behind the device that allows companies to create tortured USB cows. It looks something like this.

The tour is of a Kingston manufacturing plant in Hsinchu (southern Taipei). Lots of robots, stickers and commentary from the folks at Netbooknews.


The whole production is much more visually appealing than the sausage process. Definitely. Plus, USB cows. [NetbookNews - Thanks, Sascha]

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Somebody please explain this to me. If you're a manufacturer of USB sticks, why would you make the "slow" ones? Does it actually cost more to make the high speed sticks? Everything is automated! The write speeds of my Patriot XT is so much faster than say a regular Kingston data traveler.