Museums in Paris Are Starting to Ban Selfie Sticks

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Selfie sticks are a brilliantly simple and increasingly pervasive—but they're also ruffling feathers. Now, high-profile museums in Paris are beginning to ban them over fears about potential damage to pieces of art.


The Telegraph reports that guards at the Palace of Versailles just outside Paris have "started ordering visitors to put away their selfie sticks." Apparently a formal ban will be "introduced within weeks." In the center of the city, the Pompidou Centre—the Parisian equivalent of MoMA—is also said to be "heading towards a ban." Down the road, the Louvre is said to be "concerned" about them, too and while there isn't a ban in place yet, vistors aren't allowed to point anything at art works.

The motivation for the bans—planned and considered—is the potential for damage being caused to priceless pieces of art and furnishings. The venues will join a list that already includes arenas in London and Washington's Smithsonian. It looks like the indoor use of the selfie stick may just have had its day. [Telegraph]


Image by Ton Schulten under Creative Common license

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I miss when these things were just called Monopods and didn't have a negative connotation. I bought a "handheld telescopic monopod" on NewEgg back in 2013 to use for aerial shots with my GoPro because my tripod was too bulky and heavy to hold in the air. Suddenly everyone has them and they're called "selfie sticks" now.

This reminds me of when we used to have model airplanes, RC helicopters, quadcopters, and weaponized UAVs... now we just have "drones".