MuteTab Lets You Know Which Chrome Tab Is Making That Racket

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Say you're just bouncing around on the internet. Suddenly one of your thousand open tabs starts making noise. Now you're annoyed, but you can't find the tab. MuteTab helps you find it before you go crazy and hurt yourself.


Jared Sohn designed this Chrome extension to give you better control of which webpage you actually want to hear. Like if you've left an ad-laden site on but want to watch something on Netflix. All you have to do is right click and MuteTab provides you with a menu for muting what might be causing your ears to bleed.

One problem, though, is turning off the sound for different plug-ins can get complicated, resulting in this workaround using some guesswork to get at a noisy tab. And turning off the sound for a Flash game you want to get back to could wind up restarting the game. Problematic.

Still, this is a step in the right direction. Sohn just needs plug-in makers to get behind the idea. [MuteTab via Slashdot]



even chrome has an adblock plugin now. it doesnt work as completely as firefoxes but even so, there's literally no excuse to have problems with ad laden pages. i can honestly say the basis of this article has never happened to me.