Hong Kong Phooey, Dynomutt, and More Are Set to Clash With the DC Comics Universe

DC Comics’ ongoing line of Hanna-Barbera comics have led to some of the best (and at times, weirdest) comics around—but another delight has been the regular crossovers these characters get to have with DC universe mainstays. Another wave is on the way, which means that Aquaman is going to meet Jabberjaw, and I can’t…

Last Night's Flash Broke the Entire Premise of the Show in the Best Possible Way 

So many moments of melodrama in Barry Allen’s life come down to him wailing that he, a man who tells us he is the fastest man alive all the time, just isn’t fast enough to save the day sometimes. But last night’s episode proved that he really actually is more than fast enough, he just needs to be smarter about it—a…

On The Flash, Ralph Dibny Took a Delightful Step to Becoming a Great Superhero

The Flash’s post-break return started off on the wrong foot last week with a return to the sort of mind-numbingly dull “drama” that made most of its third season such a drag in the first place. Thankfully, last night’s Flash put a spotlight on Hartley Sawyer’s wonderful Ralph Dibny as a reminder that this show is at…

New Details About the Background of Black Panther's Big Villain

Gotham is apparently recasting another of its villains. Clark Gregg talks about his directorial debut on Agents of SHIELD. Scully gets an ominous vision in a new clip from The X-Files’ return. Plus, new footage from Black Lightning and Insidious: The Last Key, and what’s to come on The Gifted’s finale. Spoilers now!

There Could be a Future for More Marvel Films Like Deadpool After the Disney/Fox Deal

Henry Cavill discusses how future DC movies will move on from Superman’s resurrection. Wentworth Miller teases one last return to The Flash. There could be even more flashbacks in Ant-Man & The Wasp than we thought. Plus, glorious new Deadpool 2 art, and more on The X-Files’ return. Spoilers now!

Watch Barry and Iris' Honeymoon Get Interrupted in This Adorable Flash Deleted Scene

By the time The Flash’s midseason finale rolled around, Barry and Iris were already back from their honeymoon after finally tying the knot (and punching some Nazis) in Crisis on Earth-X. What we didn’t get to see though, was that it was cut short in a pretty hilarious fashion, thanks to Ralph Dibny... and Netflix?

Will Beall's 2012 Justice League Script Sounds So Much Wilder Than the Movie We Got This Year

Before Justice League finally hit screens last month, and even before the DC movie universe as we knew it kicked off with Man of Steel, Gangster Squad’s Will Beall was working on a script for a movie that would’ve brought the League up against DC Comics’ Darkseid. Details of the script have leaked here and there over…