My Bloody Valentine: MBV

If you haven't heard, shoe-gaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine just released their first record in two decades, and if that wasn't spectacular enough, they uploaded the whole thing directly to YouTube. Even if you aren't familiar with the wondrous, droning soundscape of their 1991 classic Loveless, you should check out the new digs. Right now. Because why not?

The album was released last night, at which point the band's site immediately went down, but fortunately YouTube is a more robust platform. You can hear the album's first track, "She Found Now", above and the rest of the album on My Bloody Valentine's official YouTube channel. Or if you're really cool, you can just up and buy it off their website like a real fan.


If you're a fan of their work, this is the new juice you've been waiting for. If you aren't, dive in. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. [TheOfficialMBV]

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