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The tiny MP3 player revolution is among us. Just when I was always losing my USB flash drives because of the small size, now I have to worry about my MP3 players disappearing up my nostril. Well it may be okay to lose this MP3 player, because it isn t really anything special. The PD-205 is a small palm sized MP3 player that supports MP3/OGG/WMA 9. A nice small LCD screen displays track information from the SD card.

The bad firmware is really twisting the knife on this already mediocre MP3 player. The firmware sucks for the following reasons: does not save settings, no resume feature, no alpha order, and a horrible shuffle mode—is that possible? Luckily this player has a chance because firmware is something that can actually be fixed. It can be purchased for $120, but I would suggest waiting until someone throws it out a car window and pick it up then.

MyMusix PD-205 [User-Review] [DAPReview]


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