Mythbusters' Kari Byron Chops Down Trees with a Gatling Gun in 45 Seconds

Click to viewGirls and guns: discuss. Kari Byron and a Dillon M-134D minigun—wowzers. The Mythbusters presenter aimed at a tree with the weapon (3,000 rounds per minute, or 50 per second) and flipped the switch. Watching the cartridge shells pour out of the gun as she thfrpfttttts away at the tree is like watching a waterfall of metal. [LiveLeak via Neatorama]


kari /= hot (that's "does not equal" for the layperson). and as much as i understand the need for her on the show, i'm not inclined to be super impressed with what she "accomplishes", since it generally isn't much. how many times have we seen grant build a robotic thingamajig to do something awesome or tori (sp?) weld something together like an external combustion engine. what does kari actually do? anyone? she helps make ballistics gel models (which the other two can also do). she's just there because she's a girl, which is fine, but let's not pretend she does a whole lot, comp_wiz101.

and, vinchbr, she definitely doesn't make millions, though she could still very well be your ideal woman. to each his own.