Myvu Reviewed (Verdict: Better than Geordi's)

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Mobility Site tried on the Myvu personal video player down at the lake—where nobody could laugh at them—and came back pleased. Wearing these felt just like wearing sunglasses that take 3 AAA batteries.

The video is 320x240 on a 4:3 aspect ratio, and felt like watching a 30" screen from a meter or so away. The resolution is perfect for an iPod video, but may not be great when watching higher quality DVDs. The battery life was "excellent", but they didn't specify exactly how long it lasted. Most likely longer than the iPod Video's battery life.

Available now for $269.

Update: Reader Daniel informs us that the article did say the battery life was 6 hours. We blame ecstasy.


mvyu - a personal media viewer [Mobility Site]