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NanoStudio For iPhone Puts a Recording Studio In Your Pocket

Illustration for article titled NanoStudio For iPhone Puts a Recording Studio In Your Pocket

It's hardly news that the iPhone can serve as a capable little music machine. But NanoStudio offers the complete music-making package, with synths, trigger pads, sequencers, samplers and much more—and, crucially, it makes them all intuitive to use.


Complex apps walk a fine line between functionality and usability—there's nothing more frustrating than a feature-laden app imprisoned behind an inscrutable interface. NanoStudio pulls off this tightrope act gracefully, packing everything you need to tap out drum loops, tweak synths, record and edit your own samples, and sequence and master it all, right on your iPhone.

It's simple enough for a beginner (me) to use within minutes, but robust enough to allow an experienced musician (the guy in the video) to produce some pretty incredible stuff:

[gallery 5603225]

At $15, it's a bit expensive for just noodling around with some synths, but if you suspect you'll ever have the hankering to get a little more ambitious—to get your sounds just right, or to start to pile tracks and takes on top of one another—NanoStudio's just the ticket. [iTunes]

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Wait, I cannot see why it would be difficult to create a jack that would allow a mic input, especially since some headphones also have the integrated mic. There is also a small mic nub that you can plug into the top of the iphone as well for input. So, why not an actual external mic/guitar/etc?

And don't say because the iPhone doesn't have phantom power for some mics. You can get a phantom powr generator to channel it.