NASA Astronaut Currently Testing Magic Odor-Eating Underpants

Illustration for article titled NASA Astronaut Currently Testing Magic Odor-Eating Underpants

Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata is a lucky man. He's one of the few humans who's been launched into space. He's on the ISS. And, perhaps most importantly, he's helping test a pair of magic underpants.


And magic they certainly are, once you hear about what these space-borne underoos hope to accomplish.

Made of state-of-the-art odor-fighting fibers, they will need to reduce or eliminate smells normally associated with that area of the body for seven consecutive days. Traditionally, astronauts wear their clothing for three days before changing (see also: Me in college).

The porous panties will also wick away perspiration, provide insulation and allow Wakata to strut around the ISS bragging that his shit literally does not stink.

The underwear are also fire-resistant, which could come in handy should this strutting, odor-free astronaut cross the wrong person during his ISS stay. [Sunday Metro]


Jessica Rogacki

My husband is already wondering when the "super shorts" will be available commercial. :( Thank you NASA.