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NASA Astronauts Hacked By Twitter Spammers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Either NASA astronauts are really getting hit hard by Obama's manned space program cuts or their Twitter account has been hacked by spammers just over an hour ago. For a second, however, I thought Best Buy took over the ISS.


The @NASA_astronauts Twitter account is used by NASA to inform about their activities, both on Earth and in space. It usually has both status updates and pictures. About an hour ago, the stream was interrupted by a series of Twitter spam messages like this one:

LCD LED Flat Screen TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket CE9 via @YoTwits #auction


The problem has been solved already. NASA hasn't made any comment beyond acknowledging that something weird was going on:

Our apologies for the odd Twitter behavior earlier. We have fixed the problem. Back to tweets from NASA astronauts. Thanks @Ansjh for the...

It was probably a bad password that got cracked. Next time they should remember that 9876543210 only works ok for launches. [Twitter]