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NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander Guest Blogging on Giz

Illustration for article titled NASAs Phoenix Mars Lander Guest Blogging on Giz

We'd like to introduce our newest guest blogger-the Phoenix Mars Lander. With a successful mission starting to wind down as a cold winter rapidly descends upon its landing site in the Martian arctic, we're pretty happy that Phoenix, (already a prolific Twitterer) has agreed to look back with us on its amazing life over the course of its final days on Mars. Here Phoenix starts with the very beginning of the story. We're pretty sure a spacecraft has never guest-edited a blog before. Enjoy. • Phoenix Mars Lander Looks Back on its Re-BirthThis is What Landing On Mars Feels LikeMartian Ice Is Why I'm Alive and Why I'm DyingThis is My Farewell Transmission From Mars


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Does anyone know if we (or Nasa or whomever) still sends along something on these explorers to identify where it came from and who we are in the event that sometime its found by some advanced unindetified beings? As I recall there was a disc placed on Voyager that told about earth and humans and sent greetings from the UN Sec General. Kind of like post cards to the edge.