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NASDAQ Plans to Compensate Facebook IPO Losers

Illustration for article titled NASDAQ Plans to Compensate Facebook IPO Losers

After openly admitting that they screwed up over Facebook's IPO, NASDAQ is now planning to compensate those who made a loss when their systems failed to allow trades to take place.


The losses—a result of a 30 minute delay in trading which left brokers with millions of shares' worth of unconfirmed trades—total over an estimated $100 million, according to the Wall Street Journal.


In the first instance, NASDAQ is planning to pay out more than $13.7 million in compensation. The Wall Street Journal reports that the form of the pay-out is so far unconfirmed, though it may come as discounted trading fees for the financial firms that lost money.

In fact, current rules state that NASDAQ is limited to paying out just $3 million a month to brokers and traders that suffered losses—so it looks like the process will be long and slow.

Facebook's stock continues to sink, dropping to $25.87 on Tuesday 5th. [Wall Street Journal]

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Paul Cypert

I love how these idiots get to keep speculating and gambling, but because they're part of the system they get saved every time they make a bad choice. A blind man in Jersey saw this one coming miles away.... I mean who believed it was really worth that and wouldn't fold like an improperly timed souffle out of the oven too soon? Whoever thought that was a good deal deserves to lose money and their job. Shame on them and let them lose money. Their greed earned them that reward.