National Debt Clock To Get Most Depressing Upgrade Ever

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It was a bad sign when the National Debt Clock on Sixth Avenue in NYC ran out of space this past weekend, calling for the screen previously used for the dollar sign to be used for the 1 in 10 trillion. Now, the real estate mogul Seymour Durst who put up the sign back in 1989 has announced that the current clock will be replaced next year with one that can accommodate figures in the quadrillions—that's 15 zeroes. Hopefully that'll buy at least two or three more years of worry-free service. Time to have a look at our next great depression gadget guide? [CNN, Photo: Jesper Rautell Balle]


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How nice that we have government to do the things for us that we dont do for ourselves. I really try so hard not to go into debt personally, from fear that my future may be burdened with massive debt payments; you know, the kind you never actually pay off, just pay on forever and ever and get nowhere. How kind (and brave) of my government to take this fear away from me by removing my choice and sticking me with a debt I can never hope to repay. Thanks guys! I really feel I have grown as a person and thank you for setting that fine example of fiscal irresponsibility for me (and future generations) to follow. How can I ever repay you? What? See you April 15th? Oh, ok, Thanks again!