Navigon Offering Red Light Camera Warnings For GPS Devices

Illustration for article titled Navigon Offering Red Light Camera Warnings For GPS Devices

After announcing their partnership with Rand McNally yesterday, Navigon has announced more downloadable content for their GPS devices—including data on red light cameras.


NAVIGON Red Light Cameras give drivers the information they need by providing an advanced
warning when the driver is approaching dangerous intersections monitored by traffic cameras. These alerts make the driver aware of upcoming intersections and potentially avoid costly traffic tickets. The estimated MSRP for this content is $29.99.

•Thousands of traffic camera locations across the country
•One year subscription
•Monthly database updates to stay current with new installations

This offering is slated for release sometime this Spring.



Seriously? How is that necessary? Are there actually people who consider whether or not to run red lights based solely upon whether or not there is a traffic camera present?

It's a bit scary to think that there are enough people that callously stupid to support the sale of the content. What's next, drunk driving checkpoints, and POIs for meth labs?