Navy SEALs' New Combat Sub Actually Keeps Water Out This Time

Illustration for article titled Navy SEALs New Combat Sub Actually Keeps Water Out This Time

Apparently when a Navy SEAL takes a minisubmarine to a combat zone, his ride is an open system, meaning they literally spend hours with their bodies exposed to the water. Sounds terrible! Fortunately, they just got an upgrade.

The Navy has been trying to get the SEALs into a new Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) for some time, but until now they've been stuck with the waterlogged Mark 8 SDVs that have been around since the 70s. Northrop Grumman had been working on an Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS), but that $885 million project went down in a blaze of cost overruns and battery mishaps.

Enter the S301 SDV, a modified research submarine that can transport up to eight SEALs along with some limited gear. Even better, the development cost was a fraction of the ASDS. And, pending current trials in Hawaii, it actually works. [The Register via DVice]

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Goopplesoft - Reliant Robin of whitenoise

that thing looks so not advanced...