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Nazis Filmed the 1936 Olympics in 3D?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Apparently, Nazis were using 3D cameras before any of us thought 3D was dumb. According to Variety, Nazis had developed a 'sophisticated stereoscopic camera' to record athletes as they crossed the finish line in the 1936 Olympics.

Philippe Mora, a filmmaker who has previously found evidence of Nazi using 3D in propaganda movies, believes Nazis used a twin-camera Zeiss Ikon system to film all Olympic track events. The camera was triggered by the starting gun and amazingly, could develop 3D footage within 7 minutes for referees to review. The goal of the 3D cameras was to more accurately time events and determine winners. Hah. I just love the idea of Nazis watching Jesse Owen smoke their asses over and over again.


Alternatively, this proves that 3D is inherently evil. Jooke. Not really. [Variety via DVICE]