Near Bezel-less KO M-400 PMP Has Nothing to Hide, Lacks Buttons

Illustration for article titled Near Bezel-less KO M-400 PMP Has Nothing to Hide, Lacks Buttons

Most touchscreen devices (yes, even the iPhone, Laurendealbreaker!) have a noticeable bezel around their perimeter that bothers many a perfectionist something fierce. But the KO M400, admittedly more concept than anything, offers something different.


What the KO M400 offers is the full monty of touchscreens. Nearly 100% edge-to-edge 5-inch touchscreen goodness, all in HD. The minimalist controls would have even the new sans-buttons iPod shuffle all hot and bothered. Maybe.


I provide the caveat because what this player doesn't offer are specifics. Or even realistic concept images. Look at the thing. Those are either the world's biggest pair of jeans or this thing is the size of a Tic Tac.

Even that screen size is an assumption, provided by the translation wizards at PMP Today. So stop digging through that Easter basket, because this thing isn't in there. Those Peeps, however, those are the real deal. BOOM. [imp3 via PMP Today - Thanks, Brian]

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I like having a bezel so that my fingerprints don't get on the screen. Something like this would just trigger my OC tendencies nonstop.