NEC Kicks the Entire Netbook World Right in the Nuts...for $1800

While we've been justifiably excited about the Eee Seashell, NEC has announced a product that's nearly half the thickness and but 2/3 of the weight.


The NEC Versa Pro J UltraLite Type VS is a 10-inch, Atom 1.86GHz netbook with Intel GMA500 graphics and a 64GB SSD. It measures just .62 inches in thickness and weighs in at a ridiculous 1.65lbs—those are the typical specs of a MID, but clearly this NEC is built like a far more usable netbook.

Slated for release in Japan this July, we're curious as to the price (UPDATE: it'll have an introductory price of around $1000 before jumping to $1800)...and why NEC preloaded what may be the most gorgeous netbook around with Vista. [NEC via Akihabara News and Engadget]

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