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Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things Is Becoming An Off-Broadway Play

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This week in crowdfunding, we have two documentaries for your financial consideration: one about San Francisco's boy hero Batkid and one about the people behind D&D. Plus, there's a Neil Gaiman off-Broadway play and a beautiful art book featuring diverse fantasy women.

Top image: Crop from Julie Dillon's "Fortune's Favored" from Imagined Realms.

Batkid Begins

If you cheered for Miles Scott, a.k.a. Batkid, when he took to the streets of San Francisco, you may want to check out the upcoming documentary by Dana Nachman, which goes behind the scenes with the Make-a-Wish Foundation to show just how that special day came together. For a $15 pledge, Nachman is offering backers an HD download of the film and the soundtrack.


Imagined Realms: Book 1 - New Fantasy Art by Julie Dillon


If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Hugo Award-winning artist Julie Dillon's work, get thee to her deviantART gallery now. Dillon is about to release her first in a series of annual art books (this one fantasy themed), including paintings of diverse female characters. Her next art book is going to be scifi themed, and we can't wait.

OCTOBER IN THE CHAIR & Other Fragile Things...This Halloween

The folks at OldSoundRoom have adapted some of the stories from Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things into a 60-minute stage place, which they're planning to debut at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival before giving it a week-long run at the American Theatre of Actors in Manhattan. For an $18 pledge, they're offering backers a single ticket to the show, or two tickets for a $30 pledge.

The Great Kingdom: A Documentary Uncovering the Rise & Fall of the Creators of D&D


This team of documentary filmmakers is looking to make a film about the people behind the gaming phenomenon that is Dungeons & Dragons, focusing especially on Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson and how the game change their lives. The team is offering backers a pre-release HD download of the documentary for a $20 pledge.

'Submarine Sandwich' — a film by PES


PES creates some of the most incredible stop-motion shorts out there, including his Oscar-nominated Fresh Guacamole:

Now he's working on his third stop-motion cooking film, Submarine Sandwich, and he's looking for a little crowdfunding help. For an $8 pledge, he's offering backers HD downloads of all three cooking shorts.